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Compiled by annual Rainier summiteers
Enumclaw / WA 🇺🇸

Adapt | Improve | Overcome

TactiCouture™ is a group of adventurers, problem-solvers, and battle-hardened creatives dedicated to crafting the world’s most innovative, utilitarian fashion gadgets. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, you should know a lot of our designs start as a joke surrounded by much laughter, then gradually turn into epic, surprisingly useful EDC tools. We test, iterate, and use every single gadget we invent… every day. That’s how much we stand behind our designs.

Simply put: our designs just work.

At our core, TactiCouture™ is a creative collective of travel-hardened adventurers, professional athletes, and innovative designers. We love minimalist gadgets, mixed martial arts, Jesus, and mountains.

TactiCouture™ is a subsidiary of Beau LLC and is based in the PNW on the outskirts of Seattle, right at the base of Mt Rainier (a mountain we climb every year). Feel free to reach out to us, unless the volcano has erupted and a lahar has swept us away. Affiliate Disclaimer: Beau LLC is a member of the Amazon Influencer / Associates program and may earn commissions from some links clicked.